Delivery Time :
35 mins
Pickup Time :
15 mins
Jin Upper West Side


DAILY 11:30am – 03:15pm

You know you deserve a beer…

Lunch Special : Daily 11:30am – 03:15pm

Jin straight noodles are temporarily unavailable.  All ramens with default straight noodles will be served with thin noodles. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Slurping on a cold day! 秋冬のメニュー

Spring & Summer Menu 春夏の新メニュー

House Ramen
Lunch – Shio Ramen
Light, salt-based chicken broth infused with yuzu and togarashi. Topped...
Lunch – Shoyu Ramen
Smokey, soy sauce based chicken broth infused with ginger and...
Lunch – Spicy Tonkotsu
Creamy and rich, full flavored tonkotsu broth, spiced up with...
Lunch – Tonkotsu Ramen
Creamy and rich, full flavor broth created from slow cooked...