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30 mins
Pickup Time :
10 mins
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DAILY 11:30am – 03:15pm

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Slurping on a cold day! 秋冬のメニュー

Spring & Summer Menu 春夏のメニュー

Donburi (Rice Bowls)

RAMEN TIP. To keep the noodles firm and chewy, we shock them in ice water immediately after boiling to stop the cooking process. Please reheat your soup and pour over your noodles and let it sit for 30 seconds to allow the soup to reheat the noodles. If you want extra hot ramen, the noodle bowl can also be microwaved for 30-60 seconds to reheat the noodles.

Chashu Don
Braised pork belly served over rice with fried egg, pickled...
Chicken Teriyaki
Sauteed chicken thigh glazed with house teriyaki over Japanese short-grain...
Gyu Don
Marinated and thinly sliced beef brisket cooked with onions served...
Kara-age Don
Boneless fried chicken thighs sprinkled with togarashi and drizzled with...
Mabo Tofu Don
Tofu, eggplant, sauteed bok choy, and onions, sprinkled with togarashi...
Sake Ikura Don
Salmon sashimi and marinated ikura garnished with daikon, kaiware, shredded...
Salmon Teriyaki
Salmon glazed with house teriyaki. Served with broccoli and carrots,...
Spicy Pork Kimchi Don
Sauteed sliced pork, tofu, kimchi, and enoki mushroom, served with...
Spicy Salmon Don
Ground raw salmon, green scallions, shiso, masago, crunch, kaiware. served...
Sukiyaki Don
Thinly sliced beef brisket, tofu, onions, shishito peppers, enoki mushrooms....
Tonkatsu Curry Don (pork)
Panko breaded and fried pork cutlet with a flavorful brown...
Torikatsu Curry Don (chicken)
Panko breaded and fried chicken cutlet with a flavorful brown...
Tuna Uukke Don
Tuna Yukke Don
Cubed tuna sashimi, shredded egg, avocado, cucumber, and kaiware in...
Vegetable Curry Don
Topped with broccoli, carrots, eggplant, fukujinzuke, slaw, and black sesame...
Yasai Don
Eggplant, baby bok choy, sliced onions, bean sprouts, enoki mushrooms,...