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20 mins
Pickup Time :
15 mins
Jin Upper West Side


DAILY 11:30am – 03:15pm

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Lunch Special : Daily 11:30am – 03:15pm

Spring & Summer Menu 春夏の新メニュー

Cold Soba
Ahi Tuna Soba
Ahi tuna served raw with wasabi mayo and tempura flakes....
Chicken Nanban Cold Soba
Chicken Nanban Cold Soba
Lightly battered fried chicken, glazed with a spicy-sweet and sour...
Eggplant Ginger Cold Soba
Eggplant Ginger Cold Soba
Garnished with eggplant, ground ginger, side of salad and bonito...
Kimchi Cold Soba
Kimchi Cold Soba
Soba noodle served with sautéed kimchi. Topped with bonito flakes,...
Sake Ikura Cold Soba
Salmon sashimi and marinated ikura, garnished with kaiware, julienned daikon,...
Tuna Yukke Cold Soba
Cubed tuna sashimi, cucumbers, and avocado tossed in spicy sesame...
Zaru Cold Soba
Zaru Cold Soba
Simply served with white scallions, shredded nori, side of salad...